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     On Sunday there are morning prayers at 9:00 AM., followed by Sunday School at 9:45.   We have church at 11:00 AM (10:30 in summer) for a little over an hour, and afterwards we enjoy a snack and good conversation during Social Hour.

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     Social Hour:


     Bible Study:  

     On Wednesday evenings, at 7:00 PM, we have an informal bible study group led by our pastor.  During the summer hours Bible Study does not take place.

     Church Board:  

     The church board meets once a month to plan programs and to make decisions.  The board is elected by the congregation at a congregational business meeting annually. 

      Special Events:

           White Gift Dinner and Service:

      Once a year, usually the Sunday before Christmas, we have a special event called the White Gift Service where we have a carry in dinner at 5:00, then a special program at 7:00.  The program varies from year to year; sometimes a play, sometimes a choral event, sometimes a full orchestra.  There is always good music to get us in the mood for Christmas, and we always end with a candle lighting service in which we close by singing "Silent Night".



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