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     What to expect if you are a visitor to our church

     Ours is a church comprised of both liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats.  We have no political agenda; the church is meant to meet our spiritual needs, not our worldly needs.

     We take the Bible seriously, although not literally.  We are non-dogmatic.  We have a semi-formal program, but we do not emphasize ritual.  You can come as you are, casual, or formal; no one cares how you dress.

     We do not pressure our congregants for donations.  We take up a collection each Sunday, but giving is anonymous.

     We are a small, informal, friendly, welcoming congregation.  We welcome anyone to our church, regardless of race, religion, or any other preference.  Our church is primarily, but not intentionally white, but we also have African American and a growing Korean membership.  You don't have to be Brethren, Protestant, or even Christian to attend our services.  We have a separate Korean service, with a Korean pastor,  and a combined service.

     Our minister is extremely interesting to listen to... he will not put you to sleep during the sermons.  He is well educated and follows a teaching pattern that is designed to interpret the Bible in the context of the time in which it was written, helping us to understand the written word as it was intended, not as a series of sound bytes to be taken out of context.

     Our service starts with several praise hymns, and we sing about three other traditional hymns at various points during the service.  We have a virtuoso pianist who is truly talented and whose music enhances the service. 

     The service is only about and hour, perhaps a little longer.  Some attendees gather in the social hall afterwards for coffee and snacks and conversation. 

     The church, though once large, is now reduced to about 20 to 40 people at an average Sunday morning service.  There are about 60 active members, and many other inactive members.

     We are looking for other people who wish to join our community of believers; people who need spirituality, peace, a feeling of well being, and who desire a closer relationship to God. 



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