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Founded in Philadelphia in 1813 and re-located to Springfield Township, Montgomery County since 1956, we are a Protestant church, Christ- centered in its theology, congregational in its government, and world- minded in its missions, with a special concern for the quality of life in our community.

Although we have been a large congregation in the past, current trends have reduced us to a smaller, more dedicated group of congregants who choose to minister by setting an example to others with our life styles, rather than by imposing our beliefs on others.

We welcome people from the community of all faiths, races, and nationalities to visit our church and to celebrate the gift of life with us.

If you are not already active in a church we hope that you will be led to make our congregation your new church home, that together we may grow toward the plan God has for your life and ours.

Vision & Mission


To continue the work of Jesus- peacefully, simply and together. Our Mission is to worship God, and to live our lives guided by the teachings and example of Jesus, encouraging others through our service and actions to do the same.


The mission of First Church is: "To worship God, and to live our lives guided by the teachings and example of Jesus, encouraging others through our service and actions to do the same."



  • Jesus as Christ, the son of God.
  • Faithfulness to Jesus and His teachings according to the New Testament.
  • Simplicity, peace, justice and reconciliation.
  • Caring for each other with compassion for all of God’s people and respect for all God’s creation
  • Service to those in need, not only in our community, but throughout the world.
  • The necessity to be an active member of God’s community, sharing our time, talents and possessions.
  • Active worship of God through church services, group activities, and by our thoughts, words and actions in living each day.
  • Sharing the word and spirit of God through the spoken word and by example through our actions.
  • Praying, individually and together, for support and guidance.
  • Studying the scriptures, individually and together, for spiritual growth.
  • Baptism of believers, dedication of children.
  • Observance of the last supper, communion, feet washing and anointing.
  • Expectation of joy, peace and new life through these commitments.



Sunday School: 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship Service: 11:00 AM
Social Hour Immediately Following Sunday Worship

Korean Congregation:
Sunday Worship Service: 1:00 PM


  • Love Feast and Communion twice a year with the Brethren tradition of feet washing which is optional, followed by a luncheon in the social hall. Held in April and October.
  • Bread & Cup Communion- an abbreviated version of Love Feast, held twice a year in January and June.
  • Good Friday service
  • Palm Sunday & Easter Services
  • Ash Wednesday service
  • Christmas White Gift Celebration with a musical program
  • Community Thanksgiving Service
  • Denominational Atlantic Northeast District Conference
  • Denominational Annual Conference
  • Atlantic Northeast District Disaster ReliefAuction at Lebanon Area Fairgrounds held in September

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